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High precision anodizd aluminum turning parts | Anoized aluminum cnc machining parts | POM material precision machining parts | High precision brass machining parts | Brass machining parts | Alumunium precision cnc machining parts | Silver anoized aluminum machining parts | Titanium alloy precision machining parts | Stainless steel machining parts | Spinning parts | Mass production spinning parts | Powder coated sheet metal box | Powder coated sheet metal frame | Industry used sheet metal box | Grey color sheet metal box used for machine tool | Laser cutting sheet metal part | Door of electrical cabinet | Sheet metal bending with powder coating | Powder coated stamping parts | Laser cutting & bending sheet metal part | Sheet metal storage box | Large size cast iron turnning parts | Large size high precision machining parts | Gray iron casting parts with machining service used in the industry field | Cast iron machine tool column | Large size ductile machining part | Cast iron machine tool working table | Cast iron machine tool spindle box | Cast iron machine tool bed | Cast iron parts with machining service | Small size machine tool slide | Sand casting gray iron casting parts | Cast iron frame | Custom made ductile iron casting part | Large size gray iron cast platform | Gray iron/ductile iron casting machine tool bed | Large size gray iron casting part | Cast iron valve | Ductile iron precision casting part | Aluminum precision casting parts | Customized ductile/gray iron casting part | Lost foam gray iron casting part | Black anoized cnc machining parts |

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Machine tool castings export to the US | VMC machining center frame export to Georgia | Clients from Egypt visting our factory | Client from Syria visiting our factory | Sample of precision cnc machining parts deliver to Republic of Korea | Lighting used silver anodized & black anodized cnc machining parts finish package and deliver to Austrilia |